Blended learning can be described as a learning process that combines a variety of modes of delivery such as face-to-face teaching, distance learning and e-learning. Educational institutions worldwide are increasingly turning to blended learning by bringing new technologies into the classroom, using technologies to create learning opportunities outside the classroom, or combining distance learning and e-learning. This opens up new opportunities, for example, for distance learning and face-to-face institutions to share experiences and technologies. Research findings suggest that blended learning can produce the most effective learning experiences, and overcome the shortcomings of any single mode of teaching and learning.

This Conference invites participants to share their experiences and insights into various ways of blending technologies into the learning process.

The Conference will include keynote addresses, paper presentations, workshops, demonstrations and 'Breakfast links' on Day 3, where participants will dine, discuss and network with others in their area of interest.

There will also be a special track for healthcare professionals. For registration, click here.


Conference theme

Papers are welcome on topics relevant to the Conference theme of Blended Learning -- blending technologies and teaching practices. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • distributed learning
  • emerging pedagogies supported by new technologies
  • case studies of innovative practices using technologies
  • ICT in workplace study and lifelong learning
  • virtual communities
  • Web 2.0 in learning.

Conference language

The Conference will be conducted in English. Some papers will be presented in Putonghua.